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EACC & UC Partner to Host Exclusive Job Fair

On Thursday, November 3, the University of Cincinnati (UC) hosted its first EACC-Exclusive Job Fair at the Tangemann University Center at the center of UC’s main campus.  This event marked the first tangible product of our new collaboration with UC to help EACC members better access the vast resources of knowledge and talent UC provides to our region.  (See recap of our 10/19 ‘Kickoff Event’ here)   

The University of Cincinnati marketed this event to students as an opportunity to connect with employers operating in the Cincinnati region that operate in the European and American business space. And we delivered that in spades!  15 EACC member organizations were in attendance, including HBC-Radiomatic, Festo, Safran, Feintool – even West Chester Township (which hosts a good number of EACC members)!  Company representatives told me they were delighted with the quality of students they met and with the opportunity to tell their stories without being overshadowed by corporate giants. 

70+ students visited the event, from first-year students to graduate program students.  Fields of study included Information Technology, Aerospace Engineering, International Business, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Economics, Business Analytics, Marketing, Finance, Industrial Management and many more.  The students I spoke with said they were surprised at the range of European companies operating in our region and the breadth of career opportunities they offered. 

We intend to hold this EACC-Exclusive Job Fair every year, and will also be encouraging EACC members to participate in other UC job fairs.  We even have an idea for an event to help members better leverage events like this that we are tentatively calling “Everything you wanted to know about UC Job Fairs, Co-ops, Internships etc. (But Were Afraid to Ask)” - building on lessons we learned from this inaugural event.  Look for more opportunities to participate in this collaboration soon! 

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