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EACC Staff Update

We’re delighted to welcome EACC Operations Manager Dayna O’Brien back from her maternity leave this week. Your EACC is dedicated to providing meaningful value to our members, and our expanded team will allow us to do just that. 

Dayna’s return allows us to reconsider and restructure operations to ensure that each of us – Todd, Dayna, and Claudia – are best using our strengths to your benefit. Dayna will retain her “Operations Manager” title for now, and Claudia will take on the title “Director Events & Projects.” Over the next few weeks we will work to better delineate specific roles and responsibilities, and possibly also titles, with a goal to finalize those by the end of the year. In the meantime (and as always) we will work together to quickly respond to any requests you send along. 

Also note that Dayna and Claudia will both be working 32 hours a week (to better manage our costs). Dayna will be available Monday through Thursday; Claudia will be available Tuesday through Friday.  

And as your EACC’s Executive Director, I want to publicly acknowledge my gratitude for this great team. Dayna, of course, is our senior member having come on board in 2015 – I value her experience, energy, and dedication to our mission and our members. And in addition to her remarkable background, Claudia brings a unique European perspective and a ‘can-do’ passion to this work. Our members are very fortunate to have two enthusiastic and skilled leaders like this at their disposal. 

Feel free to reach out to me (or any of us) with questions – and again, welcome back Dayna! 

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