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One Question Survey: August 19, 2019

In May 2018, the Cincinnati Chapter of the European American Chamber of Commerce hosted an “All-Chapter” conference including the Board Presidents and/or Executive Directors from our sister chapters in Paris, Lyon, New York, Greenville SC, and the planned chapter in Amsterdam.  While growing the network was an important part of our discussions, we primarily focused on how we can work to deliver value for our members across the network.  What does that look like?  As an example, EACC Cincinnati developed and distributed a directory of law firms across the network, with contact information for individual attorneys, their practice areas, and their foreign language capabilities.  Cincinnati has also established a new Webinar capacity (built on the Zoom™ platform) that we recently used to host a webinar for board members and Executive Directors to discuss expansion plans and other topics (and to prove the utility and potential of the system).  We intend to soon launch webinars on topics from trade policy to labor law and from cyber security to culture shock, drawing on the expertise of our members across the network.

Your Board of Directors is fully supportive of these efforts, but we wanted to get some sense from the broader membership of how this initiative is being perceived – hence, last week's “One Question Survey:”
You may be aware that in addition to Cincinnati the EACC has chapters in Paris, Lyon, Amsterdam,  New  York, Princeton NJ, Greenville SC, and a new chapter is expected to launch soon in Miami FL. We are  working with the other chapters to develop programs and initiatives that may generate more value for our members across the network (for example, organizing all-chapter webinars), and this one-question survey will help us better gauge your interest in those efforts.  Please select the one answer below that most closely reflects your thoughts.
A. I can't imagine any circumstances where my firm might get value from     connecting to members of other EACC Chapters in the U.S. or Europe 7.3%
B. This is the first I've heard about the EACC network, and I'm intrigued to   learn more about the other chapters 10.2%
C. I was vaguely aware that there were other EACC Chapters, but never   really considered how they might add value to my membership. 30.8%
D. I knew there were other EACC chapters and am anxious to see   programs launched to generate additional value for my membership. 44.1%
E. I have connected with other EACC chapters in the past.  0.0%
F. My company is a member of at least one other EACC Chapter.  2.9%
G. I wish the EACC offered multiple-chapter or global membership   packages 2.9
(Totals may not add to 100% due to rounding)
We sent this survey to nearly 900 representatives of EACC member companies and got 68 responses (a 7.7 percent response rate).  Not surprisingly, over half of the respondents indicated significant interest in getting more value from the EACC’s transatlantic network (answers D, E, F and G combined).  When you add in those who are intrigued to learn about the network and those who were vaguely aware of it, well over 90 percent of respondents are sending the message to me and to the Board that we should accelerate and expand our efforts to realize the full potential of the EACC network.  I look forward to sharing and discussing the results of this survey with my fellow Executive Directors.
If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can use the network to add value to your business or organization, please let me know (!

- Todd Schwartz
   Executive Director 

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