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One Question Survey: March 18, 2019

On March 7 the EACC and our Austrian-Swiss-German committee held a very successful “Introduction to German Business Culture” event at the Carnegie in Newport. In addition to some basic rules of business etiquette, the presentations included quick reviews of history, law and language across the German speaking countries of Europe. The reviews of the event were uniformly positive, with survey respondents all saying they’d recommend future sessions to business colleagues.

With this success under our belt, we intend to turn this into an ongoing series to help companies better understand the subtleties and intricacies of the various business climates in which they work. So this week’s “One Question Survey” was designed to prioritize those efforts – to give you a voice as to where we should start.  We posed the following question to well over 800 EACC member representatives and got 49 responses.

On March 7, the Austrian-Swiss-German Committee hosted its very successful "Introduction to German Business Culture" event. The EACC intends to turn this into a recurring series addressing business cultures across Europe. Please help us prioritize our efforts by selecting up to three potential programs from the following list that would have significant utility for your business. [And feel free to suggest other European cultures not listed below in the Comments box!]

Introduction to American Business Culture
(primarily for European employees and executives)
Introduction to Belgian Business Culture  6.3%
Introduction to British Business Culture  48.9%
Introduction to Dutch Business Culture  17.0%
Introduction to Finnish Business Culture  8.5%
Introduction to French Business Culture  53.1%
Introduction to Irish Business Culture  6.3%
Introduction to Italian Business Culture  40.4%
Introduction to Scandinavian Business Culture  10.6%
Introduction to Spanish Business Culture  29.7%

So French, British and Italian were the top three, and I think you can expect to see programs on those in the near future. Also note the interest in “American Business Culture;” I’m sure that will be an interesting session. Finally, we received a number of comments suggesting sessions on Asian and Latin American Business Cultures – we’ll work with our partners at the Hispanic and Chinese Chambers of Commerce and the Japan America Society to see if we can make that happen.

Thanks to all who responded for your input. Look for your next “One Question Survey” in a few weeks!

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