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One Question Survey: June 3, 2019

Well the results are in, and among EACC newsletter readers, FC Cincinnati is your favorite professional sports team by an overwhelming margin. 42.1 percent of our 78 individual responses, identified our hometown Major League Soccer team as their favorite.  The Cincinnati Reds garnered 28.9 percent of the votes with the Cincinnati Bengals not far behind (at 26.3 percent).  I had thought a tradition of hockey in northern Europe would have garnered the Cincinnati Cyclones (who made it to the Kelly Cup Playoffs in the ECHL) more support, but only 3.9 percent of respondents chose them.

We did receive one ‘write-in’ vote for the Cincinnati Royals, an NBA franchise that moved from Rochester NY to Cincinnati in 1957 and was home to legends like Oscar Robertson and Jerry Lucas (among others).  However, the team never won an NBA title and moved to Kansas City in 1972 becoming the Kansas City Kings (now the Sacramento Kings).  One other reader noted that we did not include “I don’t watch professional sports” as a potential response – good point.

Is there a question you’d like to ask the EACC membership?  Let me know and you might see it in a future edition of our “One Question Survey!”

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