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EACC One Question Survey: August 24, 2020

A recent article in the Cincinnati Business Courier about how companies are adjusting operating procedures and schedules and office layouts, along with continuing reports about shortage of personal protective equipment for health care workers led us to wonder how our members are doing with efforts to protect their employees and whether these reported shortages are impacting efforts to reopen or maintain operations.   

So the question we asked was: How is the availability of Personal Protective Equipment (face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, COVID testing equipment, etc.) impacting the ability of your organization to resume and/or maintain operations?  We received 49 responses with the results shown below: 

  • We have been able to secure ample and steady supplies of PPE which has allowed us to resume/maintain operations -- 29 responses (59.1%)  
  • We have obtained enough PPE to reopen/maintain operations for now, but have concerns about future supplies – 6 responses (12.2%) 
  • We are operating at reduced capacity for reasons unrelated to PPE supplies – 7 responses (14.2%) 
  • We have restructured our operations so that PPE supply is not an issue (All employees working from home, etc.) -- 7 responses (14.2%)  
  • We are operating at reduced capacity primarily due to limited PPE supplies (zero responses) 
  • We have suspended operations due to a lack of PPE (zero responses) 
  • We have suspended operations for reasons unrelated to PPE supplies (zero responses) 
Some respondents offered comments, with most noting that their organization was continuing to work remotely so access to PPE was less of a concern. Notably, one respondent said their employer was working to devise a reopening plan that would meet CDC guidelines, but that employees would be asked to provide their own PPE.  And one noted that as more things open up (and more supplies are required), the situation remains fluid. 

Do these results surprise you, or is this what you expected?  Does this reflect what you are seeing in your business sector?  We want to hear from you! 

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