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Murrplastik Systems Hosts EACC Global Intern

Murrplastik Systems is a German-based company that manufactures and sells cable management products – from marking and labeling systems to cable drag chains, conduits and fittings and now robotic ‘dresspacks’ – basically a wiring harness that makes the robot functional.  The company has a sales and distribution office in Milford, Ohio, and recently hosted their first EACC “Global Intern” Sebastian Häbich.  Dayna and I visited Murrplastik as Sebastian’s tenure was ending to better understand the value of the program.

Sebastian told me that he appreciated the chance to improve his English language skills in a professional setting, both in terms of conversational fluency as well as mastering important technical terms.  More broadly, he said he now feels more open to meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, skills that will be important as he pursues his career path in sales.

Senta Carlson, Operations Manager at Murrplastik (herself a former intern) said from her point of view it’s valuable to bring in someone with a new point of view; an intern can provide a new perspective on operations and procedures with simple questions like ‘why do you do it that way?’ This can be especially important in a smaller firm where many employees have a long tenure.  Senta also said that working in a truly diverse and international workplace also generates value.

Murrplastik has had international interns before, but this was the company’s first experience working with the EACC to bring an intern to the U.S.  Senta told us that the ability to work directly with EACC and University of Cincinnati staff (our partner in implementing the Global Internship Program) ensured everything went quickly and smoothly.  And we all agreed that the documentation list is lengthy (this is a U.S. Government program, after all), but the instructions provided by the EACC were easy to understand and follow.  Christian Reick-Mitrisin, President at Murrplastik Systems, said he was grateful the EACC offered the Global Internship Program, noting that Sebastian’s internship was a last-minute opportunity.  “Without the quick service of the EACC and UC, we may not have been able to bring Sebastian here.”

I closed by asking Sebastian what he would tell his friends and colleagues in Germany about his stay in Cincinnati.  He said before arriving the only things he knew about Cincinnati were from Google and Wikipedia, a city with less than half the population of Stuttgart but with a Hofbräuhaus.  Now he returns with an appreciation of the Greater Cincinnati region and of our deep German heritage “You can do everything here!” he said, from sports to work to enjoying the downtown core.

The EACC Global Internship Program can help you find, recruit, and bring interns from Germany, Europe, and around the world to work in your company for up to one year on an Exchange Visitor (J-1) visa.  To learn more, plan to attend our Global Internship Program Information Session on Tuesday, September 24 from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Building.  For more information and to register, please click here.

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