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Meet our new Executive Director...

Nicole FENYO served since 2018 as Marketing Director at the Goering Center defining the strategy, plan, communication, and marketing campaigns to enable successes of the Greater Cincinnati region’s family and private business that contribute every day to our economy and community growth.
Before joining Nicole was mostly in international B2B Marketing for manufacturing companies - from dry ice blast cleaning and production systems to industrial wire and cable, acrylic sheet and smart vending machines for industrial and retail applications.
Previously, Nicole held positions of growing responsibility at the South Carolina Export Consortium, a public, private academic partnership that helped business around the state of South Carolina start their international commerce journey.
“If international was a chromosome, I would have it.” Says Nicole, born in England of Hungarian parents, speaking several languages Hungarian, German, French on the top of English, and having lived in many countries Switzerland Geneva, UK London, Canada Montreal, Egypt Cairo, France Paris, ….
Nicole holds a Master degree from the University of Warwick in the UK marking final steps of a true international education as she also studied at University in St. Gallen and Geneva, and schools in France and Switzerland in her younger years. 
“I am beyond thrilled to reconnect with the international community and build bridges, connections and friendships that will elevate the quality of life of our region and our members.”
Nicole FENYO

Nicole's first day with the EACC will be June 19, 2023. 


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