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Meet 2021-2022 EACC Board Vice President Nelly Bonniol

Meet incoming EACC Board Vice President Nelly Bonniol as she introduces herself to EACC members

I started my professional journey in my native country, France, and spent the first 17 years of my career in the aviation industry working for the French company Snecma-Safran. There I developed an expertise in both commercial operations and direct purchasing. Most of my work was focused on negotiating large scale contracts as either a buyer or a seller, with an impact of several billion dollars.  In 2012, I moved with my family from Paris to Cincinnati for an international assignment as part of the Snecma – Safran joint venture with GE Aviation.  I oversaw the commercial alignment between GE and Snecma-Safran in their offerings to airlines. While this was an incredibly fulfilling assignment, I was ready for the next chapter of my professional development. I wanted to have a direct impact on people’s lives, so I decided to join Essilor-Luxottica group in 2014 in their vision insurance division called EyeMed.

EyeMed offered me the opportunity to play a meaningful role in making vision care accessible and affordable. I am responsible for EyeMed Networks and Providers relations. My role is to contract with vision care professionals who will be referenced in EyeMed networks to service the 57 million members across commercial and government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. 

On a personal front, I am also the mother of 5 beautiful children who keep me on my toes and help me become a better person every day. Close friends would define me as very “sporty” … as I was really athletic in my school years when I was swimming at the national level…those days are far behind!

Lately, I was honored to be nominated as Honorary Consul of France by our General Consul of Chicago Guillaume Lacroix back in February of 2020. The pandemic has given me quite the dry run to get up to speed with my new responsibilities to say the least… But more importantly this nomination has given me the desire to serve my country not only from a social standpoint, but from also a cultural and economic one. 

And today, I am honored to have the chance to join the board members' team and serve as VP next to our new EACC Board President Dominic Franchini.

My intentions and hopes in my new role would be to help the EACC to continue to be a strong business enabler through its network, its expertise locally, but also globally, by leveraging our different chapters in the US and in Europe.

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