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Meet 2021-2022 EACC Board President Dominic Franchini

Meet incoming EACC Board President Dominic Franchini as he introduces himself to EACC members and shares his commitment to the organization over the next two years.

Dear Members of the EACC,

I am a native of Greater Cincinnati and have spent the entirety of my career in the Health Benefits Practice at HORAN. I work with employers in the region to identify and implement high quality, affordable employee benefits plans.  Very early on I learned that I especially love working with transatlantic companies, and I have built a special focus on how to help them manage the complicated US healthcare system. Having engaged with many different chambers, associations and community organizations, the European American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) has consistently delivered a strong core of incredible businesses and a unique opportunity to build meaningful relationships with key business leaders. I’ve experienced incredible learning opportunities through these transatlantic businesses and have admired the courage and capabilities of their European executives.
My intent at the EACC has always been to learn, listen and serve anyone who has problems to solve. It’s been a tremendous journey blending my natural curiosity with the real needs of others. I couldn’t be more proud of the EACC's collective membership, the depth and commitment of the board, the support of the executive committee, and the leadership of staff members Todd Schwartz and Dayna O’Brien, and I am thrilled to be your next Board President.  
I’d like to thank Yannick Schilly for his leadership and friendship over the past few years and would like to recognize his leadership through COVID-19 pandemic. I would also like to extend extra gratitude to our board and members who have remained dedicated to the EACC. Over the next few years I am committed to continuing to drive value for our members, to build relationships across businesses and among business leaders, and expand our services provided to transatlantic companies.  I am especially excited to welcome Nelly Bonniol to the executive team, serving as the EACC's Board Vice President for 2021-2022, and am encouraged by her already obvious leadership.  Nelly is the Honorary Consul of France here in the region, she is an executive at Luxottica/EyeMed and is a committed partner to the EACC.
I’d like to give special thanks to my wife Laura for her support in my professional endeavors and to my three boys Luke, Will and Eli for always keeping me sharp.
- Dominic Franchini, CBC
Vice President and Partner

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