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EACC Behind the Scenes: January 2022 EACC Board Meeting Recap

The EACC Board of Directors held its first meeting of 2022 via Zoom in the afternoon of Thursday, January 20.  The first order of business was to welcome our newly constituted Board including new members elected at the Annual General Meeting in November 2021: Joshua Katzman, Fabian Schmahl, Thorsten Schroeder, Jonathan Theders, Chris Tyler, and Gabe Venzin. We also welcomed Beth Vice as a provisional Board member. 

EACC Executive Director Todd Schwartz and Board President Dominic Franchini noted that despite the uncertain situation at the time, we had established several strategic goals at the beginning of 2021 including membership and program targets, and that our performance in achieving those goals had been mixed. While that’s not great, our successes ensure a strong programmatic and financial footing for 2022 and beyond.  Where we’ve fallen short of the goal, we’ve learned lessons that inform our new strategic plans. With that in mind, Board Treasurer Chris Flaig walked Board members through our preliminary 2021 financial results as well as our proposed 2022 budget (which has been reviewed and provisionally approved by our Finance Committee and Executive Committee.  After brief discussion the board unanimously approved the Budget as presented.

In accordance with Article V (A) of the EACC Code of Regulations, the Board also appointed the following individuals to serve on the EACC Executive Committee: Board President Dominic Franchini, Vice President Nelly Bonniol; Treasurer Chris Flaig; Immediate Past President Yannick Schilly, Antonio Pagano and Cierra Clymer.

Finally, Schwartz presented a draft version of the 2022 Strategic Plan and program calendar; Franchini explained that the Executive Committee would discuss the strategic plan at a retreat in early February and asked for input from the Board. 

A reminder that this is only an informal readout of the meeting; formal minutes of the meeting will be available to EACC members upon request once they have been approved at the April Board meeting.

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