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Inaugural One-Question Survey Results (December 11, 2018)

Last week, I sent the inaugural “One Question Survey” to all representatives from EACC member companies.  (If you did not receive yours, check your junk mail or spam filters; sometimes these mass e-mails get blocked by corporate e-mail servers.) 

The initiative was suggested to me by Susan Morgan, a long-time friend of the EACC and founder and President of Solutions Unlimited, a marketing and sales promotion company.  And it’s a great (if only partial) response to concerns that we heard in our recent Voice of the Customer study, that the EACC isn’t always aware of what’s happening at member companies and that our programming is not always relevant.

So every two to three weeks we’ll be sending out these very brief surveys that are designed to be answered in less than a minute.  Some will relate to programming opportunities; some may survey opinions on the news of the day; some may just be fun.  (If you have ideas for questions, please let me know!).  And I’ll be sure to share the results of the survey in the Newsbrief the following week.

So we received 87 responses to this week’s question as follows:

Here are some areas the EACC has considered for programming in the next few months. Please indicate whether you'd be interested or not interested in attending events addressing the following topics:

  Interested Not Interested
Brexit 61 (70%) 25 (29%)
Export Controls and International Traffic in Arms Regulations 24 (27%) 62 (72%)
Foreign Exchange Rates 40 (46%) 46 (53%)
Doing Business with the Netherlands 27 (31%) 59 (68%)
Business Etiquette in Germany 56 (65%) 30 (34%)
Note: totals may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

Of course this is not a scientific survey, but it certainly helps me to prioritize my efforts.  And just because a smaller number of people indicate interest in a topic that does not rule out future programming on that topic; a crowd of 24 people at a seminar on ITAR and Export Controls could be a very useful event.

Thanks to all those who participated; be on the watch for the next “One Question Survey” before the end of the year!

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