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The EACC & Executive Connections

One of the most valuable benefits the EACC provides is connecting members to other members and connecting peers to peers. And our new membership structure has helped us expand those efforts – particularly when it comes to our manufacturing members. 

We’ve launched two new programs to support this work: our Executive Roundtables program and our “CXO Dinners” series. 

We currently operate four Executive Roundtables: for CEOs, CFOs, HR leaders and Marketing & Sales leaders. We assemble these top executives around a table with two co-facilitators (representing an operating company and a relevant service provider, drawn from our board members). Under strict ground rules of confidentiality, no substitutions, and no selling, executives are able to not just share best practices but also their frustrations and uncertainties on the issues of the day. Most importantly, they are able to build new relationships and networks with impact far beyond the quarterly or bimonthly meetings. Topics discussed in the groups have included workforce issues, shared service models, transatlantic marketing strategies, supply chain challenges and even mental health in the workplace (and many more).

Our CXO Dinners are somewhat less formal; EACC staff works with a board member host to develop a ‘theme’ and a guest list for an intimate dinner (usually no more than 12) with top executives from our manufacturing members. A theme might be ‘Companies with Italian Connections’ or ‘Members new to the EACC,’ and a guest list might include senior leaders from a range of members (and usually one or two new member prospects). Other than a few words of welcome from EACC leadership and our host, there’s no agenda, no speeches, and (again) no selling. The goal is to create a comfortable and relaxed environment where wide ranging conversations lead to new and better relationships between our members.

If a top leader from your manufacturing firm wants to join our Executive Roundtables, please contact EACC Director for Operations and Member Services Dayna O’Brien so we can get you on the invitation list. And we are looking to expand the Executive Roundtables to other topics such as Operations, Logistics, IT and more. If building your networks around these or other functions would add value to your firm, let me know so we can better understand the demand.

Finally if you haven’t yet been invited to one of our ‘CXO Dinners’ and want to give it a try, let me know – we do these about once a month but will note your interest as we work with future hosts to define themes and guest lists!

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