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EACC Webinar Series

In our ongoing effort to add value for our members across the EACC network, our EACC Chapters have come together to launch a new series of ‘webinars’ on a range of topics of interest and relevance.  Leveraging this technology allows us to connect you to experts from across Europe and around the world for just the cost of an internet connection.  

We’ve already held two such webinars.  The first featured speakers from the EU Delegation to the United States sharing their 2020 economic forecast, and the second featured an expert from the European Council on Foreign Relations and his research on how European States are rethinking the balance between their ability to act as sovereign nations and their need to act together as a single bloc.  

In order to ensure the widest possible audience for these resources, we have also launched a new YouTube Channel where you can find the recordings of these webinars (and other content as we find it).  So now you can click on the links above to see the webinars in case you missed them.

We’re excited about this tool, both as a way to bring content to you but also as a way to get content and information from you out to the broader EACC network.  So we encourage you to let us know what topics and speakers may be of interest, as well as to offer suggestions for content that we can provide from the Cincinnati chapter!

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