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EACC Two-Question Survey: June 1, 2020

Last week the EACC brought back our ‘One Question Survey,’ which was launched in response to our 2018 Voice of the Customer study to ensure you as members continue to have a voice in what we do. (Since its been a while since the last One Question Survey, we threw in a bonus question and one for some demographics.) We sent the survey to close to 900 e-mail addresses and received 61 responses (a response rate of 6.9% percent). 

One question I always ask when considering whether the EACC should host an event is “Why are we doing this?” What makes this topic relevant for or interesting to the European and American business community we serve? Does the EACC add unique value for here, or are we just duplicating something another chamber of commerce or industry association could offer? So the first question sought to understand where our members see value in EACC programming.  

Clearly the programming area where we have a ‘comparative advantage’ is in International Trade Policy – 74 percent of respondents said the EACC was best positioned to offer programming on this topic. We also had a slight majority on Economic Development (54 percent). At the other end of the spectrum, most respondents said that other organizations are better positioned to provide programming on Cyber Issues (70 percent) and Pandemic Issues (57 percent). After that, when you add in the “No Difference” it seems that many believe the EACC can bring at least some value to topics like Economic Outlooks, Industry 4.0, and Tax Policy/Accounting Rules. And even on Cyber Issues, the EACC is uniquely positioned to provide authoritative speakers on topics like the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). And we certainly won’t abandon our efforts on workforce issues, especially our support for programs like the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership. This input helps us better understand the value that you, our members, are looking to us to provide.

When it comes to ‘reopening the economy,’ there are numerous parameters to consider including when do local/national authorities ease restrictions on public gatherings, and when will individuals feel safe returning to a more ‘normal’ pace of life. Or more relevant to the EACC, Governor Beshear might say we can hold the Annual Gala with 300 people at the Drees Pavillion, but will anyone want to attend a gathering like that? 

Nearly 60 percent of you said that you would not be willing to attend a large gathering like the annual gala before the end of the year or until there is a vaccine or effective treatment for COVID-19. Alternatively,  just over 80 percent of you said you had already or would be ready to return full-time to your workplace within the next three months, and over 50 percent said you would attend a small work related seminar in that same time frame. This feedback helps us as we consider how to deliver programming and events through the end of the year (Virtual Gala, anyone?)

We also asked about travel. Over 50 percent of you said you had already or were prepared to resume domestic travel within the next three months. But 49 percent said you would not resume international travel until next year or until there is a vaccine or effective treatment (36 percent said they had already resumed international travel or plan to do so within the next six months).

For what it is worth, responses did not vary greatly based on the respondent’s level within his or her organization, so the demographics question was probably superfluous. But even that was interesting to learn!

Thanks again to everyone who responded to the survey. Click here to view a summary of the survey results. If you would like additional information/details about this survey , please contact EACC Operations Manager Dayna O’Brien (

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