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EACC Network Update

When we conducted our "Voice of the Customer" study (with EACC member firm Start Something Bold) in 2018, among other messages we heard was a desire by members to learn more about how the EACC network can generate more value.  Since then, we've accelerated our work to build out the network and create new tools (like our Webinar series and our YouTube channel) to do just that.  

As you probably know, Cincinnati was the first EACC chapter established in the United States (in 2007).  Since then we've grown to include U.S. chapters in New York; Greenville SC; and Princeton NJ.  And we continue to expand on this side of the Atlantic.  I will be traveling to Washington DC later this month (along with my counterparts from Paris and New York) to meet with prospective Founding Members and Executive Directors there, and then toward the end of February I'll attend a reception marking the "soft launch" of our newest chapter in Miami, Florida.

And of course we have our European Chapters in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse in France, and in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Next is Brussels, where we already have a 'Representative Office." My counterparts from Paris and Amsterdam and New York will be visiting in February to meet with prospective members in Belgium in the hopes that we can launch a new chapter there before the end of the year.

But of course we don't stop there; we (and I hope you) see the potential power of a network that extends across the U.S. and Europe connecting business leaders who all share the same goal of building stronger trade and investment ties across the Atlantic.  Future targets include San Diego, Frankfurt, Milan and many, many more. 

If you have ideas for potential members in any of these cities -- future or current -- let me know!  A referral from a current satisfied member is the best advertising we have!


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