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EACC Member Spotlight: TyTek Medical Takes Saving Lives to the Next Level

By Susan Morgan

Many business owners are satisfied to operate just one company; dealing with all the trials and tribulations that come with business ownership.  Many owners grow by adding related businesses, serving the same industry.  Chris Tyler, President of the TyTek Group, on the other hand, understands the core benefits of operating multiple, unrelated businesses. This diversification strategy has served the TyTek Group well over the years… and continues to do so as we emerge from the pandemic.  And now, for the first time since beginning this series, this Member Spotlight will span two EACC newsletters as you learn about two very different companies operated by one very unique individual. 

The TyTek Group is comprised of TyTek Medical and TyTek Industries.  While TyTek Industries was actually founded first, we begin this two-part series with TyTek Medical for reasons you’ll soon understand.
Let me begin by saying that should I ever need an Emergency Medical Technician’s attention I really hope they have TyTek Medical’s products with them.  TyTek’s primary line of products are quite simply extremely high-quality, compact, pre-hospital emergency medical supplies.  What makes these products so great?  Here’s the back story – their products were originally designed and engineered for military medics’ use in the Middle-East conflicts.  Their performance in combat zones was so successful it created demand by non-military first responders ranging from search & rescue to fire/EMS to remote/wilderness EMS.  

Understanding their commitment to quality and saving lives, I wasn’t surprised when I asked if they had any new products on the horizon, and Chris rolled in their newest innovation. But, before revealing what that new product is, let me tell you what I learned from Chris and his Marketing Director, Matt Eccles. I’m betting it will be news to you as well.

In the event of a mass shooting, like the one at the nightclub in Orlando in 2016, or in Las Vegas in 2017, emergency personnel were not allowed to go on-site until given the ok by police.  I’ve never considered that … have you?  Sometimes that can take minutes, sometimes hours. In Orlando it was nearly three hours, in Las Vegas at least almost two. Meanwhile victims with life-threatening injuries can ONLY be treated with the materials at hand by those already on-scene  … friends, strangers and venue/facility staff.  Sadly, in these situations victims die because appropriate medical care and supplies cannot be provided until it is too late. 

TyTek Medical doesn’t have the solution to mass shootings of course, or any disaster, natural or man-made, where there are multiple victims and EMT’s cannot respond quickly … but they do have a way to save lives during these horrific events … introducing the MCI  Bag (see image). Introduced in May 2021, this bag can, and most assuredly will, make the difference between life and death for victims who are in the stadium, the school, the mall or the event venue that was proactive enough to have one (or more) on-hand with staff who have received basic training on how to use its contents.  Brilliant right?   And unlike traditional first aid stations, which are affixed to a facility’s wall … this bag is mobile. It is even equipped with battery operated lights. While none of us want to think about anything like a mass shooting happening in our community, unfortunately, these incidents are on the rise.  All schools and public venues would be smart to invest in one or more MCI Bags.  

For maximum awareness, TyTek Medical will be launching the MCI Bag in sync with the national STOP THE BLEED® Day (5/20/21) which is one of the nation’s largest public health campaigns. Its goal is to save lives by training people across the country how to stop traumatic bleeding.  In fact you can view a series of brief videos demonstrating how to stop a catastrophic bleed presented by Dustin Calhoun MD an advisor to TyTek Medical here 

Stay tuned. Next week learn about TyTek Industries and some very cool things they are doing in load cell technology with global brands.

Susan Morgan is the Owner and Founder of EACC member firm Solutions Unlimited, a Marketing and Sales Promotion Company, and has over twenty years of hands-on experience working with B2C and B2B clients (including the EACC).  She's a great person and no one will work harder for your business than she will.  She also offers free consultations to EACC member companies.  To see what Solutions Unlimited can do for your company or organization, reach out to her at or call 513-631-6958.

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