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EACC Member Spotlight: Heinrichs USA

By Susan Morgan

Too often we see family-owned and operated businesses, especially when transitioned from the original founding parent to the next generation, falter, and sadly fail for different reasons. Maybe the children don’t have the same work ethics or drive. Or they just aren’t that interested. I was absolutely delighted to learn that is NOT THE CASE when it comes to Heinrichs USA.  As their website says, they truly are “A healthy, family-run, medium-sized business”. 

A little background … Heinrichs was founded in 1933 by Tina Heinrichs’ grandfather (Tina is the President of Heinrichs USA) as a manufacturer of simple parts used in the building hardware industry as well for the manufacture of locks. Over the years they expanded geographically and increased their product line to include more sophisticated parts to include sealing and pipe plugs.  Currently about 35% of their parts are custom-designed for specific customer needs. And while they work directly with some customers they also market through Tier One and Tier Two distributors in the automotive industry, for example auto drain seal plugs, as well as other industries including construction equipment (cranes etc.), machine tool and general manufacturing. They produce over 100 million turned parts annually and over 2000 versions are available in their delivery program.  They have developed their own Heinrichs Standard (called “HN”) that has become known in the industry to stand for premium quality.  The company holds many patents on their designs and at the headquarters in Germany, they are constantly developing new solutions based on either customers’ requests or simply because Heinrichs is driven to create a new and improved version of a part to help a customer save money. 

The variety of parts, when seen in the glass case in the lobby look like sparkling metallic jewelry – from the tiniest piece to the largest – the attention to detail, the precision in their manufacture is impressive. They process in a variety of steels, aluminum, and brass and coat the storage goods with a self-healing Chromium 6 free coating known as "A3K/Zn Nano (ISO 4042)".  And all materials are supplied pre-tested by ultrasonic and crack testing methods to ensure top quality.   

Heinrichs USA opened their U.S. location in Erlanger in 2007. Its broad and deep inventory serves as a distribution hub for standard parts, especially the parts with rings, for US customers who previously may have had to wait for 6 weeks to get what they needed from Germany – now it is just a few days at most. And Tina has ensured a streamlined process that allows for shipments to be processed quickly and efficiently. Customers really appreciate that when they have an urgent need. 

Tina is responsible for sales in the U.S., Canada and Mexico while her siblings and one cousin in Germany are responsible for sales management worldwide.  She laughed when she said during her trips home there is never family dinner where business isn’t a big part of the conversation. But she and her siblings understand and fully accept not just the need to exceed the expectations of their customers, but also the responsibility that they have to the 130+ employees in Germany who depend on them to ensure the company not just survives but thrives.  

Heinrichs USA has been a member of the EACC since they started operations here in 2007. In addition to being a member of the ASG group, Tina shared that she joined for a number of reasons including the opportunity to meet peers, both European and American, as well providing information Heinrichs -USA needs on topics such as transfer pricing, tariffs and the business outlook. A regular attendee at Stammtisch, Tina said it has been a wonderful place to learn more about American culture, business practices and connect with other European members. 

Heinrichs USA is located in Erlanger, KY. The company Heinrichs & Co. KG is based in Dommershausen, Germany. Visit

Susan Morgan is the Owner and Founder of EACC member firm Solutions Unlimited, a Marketing and Sales Promotion Company, and has over twenty years of hands-on experience working with B2C and B2B clients (including the EACC).  She's a great person and no one will work harder for your business than she will.  She also offers free consultations to EACC member companies.  To see what Solutions Unlimited can do for your company or organization, reach out to her at or call 513-631-6958.

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