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EACC Intern Franziska Sterr Completes Internship; Reflects on time in Cincinnati

Today (Tuesday, November 14) is Franziska Sterr’s last day at the EACC.  Franziska came to us in September as part of the Munich Sister Cities program (click here to learn more). On her final full day in the office, I asked her to write a bit about her experience and impressions, and this is what she wrote.  We wish her well and a gute Reise! - Todd

Exchange programs have a whole wealth of advantages. It makes a big difference if you are only visiting a country or if you work or go to school there and maybe live with locals for a certain period of time. Prejudices/stereotypes will be dispelled or, to be honest, confirmed on both sides. But no matter how: afterwards, there will be more understanding of how people interact and communicate in different cultures. In addition, an exchange is a great opportunity to establish contacts and friendships from which you can profit in the future.

It is remarkable how open and friendly people behave towards strangers here. In Germany it is important to have contacts too, but in the U.S. business community networking is the key to success for companies and individuals. It is also impressive what variety of nonprofit organizations supports the development of business and economic in the Greater Cincinnati Region.

Unfortunately, Cincinnati isn’t one of the well-known U.S. cities in Europe. But that should definitely change, because it has a lot to offer to companies and talents from all over the world. Particularly noteworthy is the excellent infrastructure including the DHL Hub at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. A large number of well-known companies are headquartered in the Greater Cincinnati Region and they offer countless careers opportunities for talents and professionals in all industries. Furthermore, the region provides a high quality of life.


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