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EACC Hosts Special Edition of CEO & CFO Roundtables in Partnership with the Federal Reserve

On October 10, the EACC convened a combined “special edition” of our CEO and CFO Roundtables to host Richard Kagic, Vice President and Senior Regional Officer of the Cincinnati Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. We had organized the meeting for Kagic to brief our manufacturing leaders on the current state of the economy and on the monetary policies the Fed is implementing to address inflation. But more importantly, as Kagic explained, the Fed bases most of its decisions on data that is backward looking. The best ‘leading indicators’ of economic performance are the views of business and manufacturing leaders – what are they seeing and what decisions are they making about hiring, about inventory, about investment. So a good portion of the discussion was spent asking Roundtable members exactly that – what are they anticipating and preparing for in 2023.

After the event, Kagic sent me a note saying: “Hey, Todd. Excellent discussion tonight. I really enjoyed it, and learned a lot. The caliber of participants may have been the highest I have experienced. Very engaged, informed, and articulate. Just the type of business leaders we enjoy having conversations with.” 

In keeping with Roundtable Policy, I can’t share details of the discussion here. But I wanted to again highlight the impact the EACC has in creating spaces for executives to connect and share insights. In addition to Roundtables for CEOs and CFOs, we also have Roundtables for top HR and top Marketing & Sales executives. If you are a manufacturing executive and not already part of an EACC Roundtable, let us know so we can get you signed up! 

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