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EACC Hosts April 2022 Board Meeting

The EACC Board of Directors held its second meeting of 2022 on Thursday, April 28 at Fueled Collective in Rookwood (our first in person Board meeting since January 2020!).  

After reviewing and approving the minutes from its previous meeting, the board turned to a review of our financial position. Board Treasurer Chris Flaig pointed out that, supported by our new membership fee structure, the EACC is in a much more solid cash position than in the past two years. There was some discussion about the impact of new billing mechanisms on our financial reporting (including ‘autopay’ type mechanisms) and how to adjust reporting to ensure transparency. Flaig also noted that new membership benefits have driven changes in our expenses (for example, a large increase in our advertising budget connected to our signage at CVG). There was also discussion about potential new sponsorship opportunities for events like our “Coffee & Commerce” Series. 

It was noted that new memberships are lagging; a few ideas were put forward to address that.  

The board unanimously approved a motion to shift its meeting schedule: Board meetings will now be held on the final Wednesday of the first month of each quarter. 

Executive Director Schwartz provided a brief update on upcoming programs including plans for EACC TRANSFORM in October and our ongoing Roundtables. There was also discussion of the status of efforts to more closely integrate the activities of the Network, with several members expressing frustration and the slow pace. 

The meeting concluded at 6:11 p.m.  EACC members may request to review the full minutes of the meeting once they have been approved by the EACC Board. 

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