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EACC Greater Cincinnati Launches Refreshed Weekly Newsbrief

On August 13, we relaunched the EACC Cincinnati weekly Newsbrief with a new look.  I wanted to provide you a bit of a peek ‘behind the curtain’ to see how we got here, and also what else is in store!  

This is a project I’ve had in mind for some time.  I was not dissatisfied with the former layout of the Newsbrief, but like any publication of this type, it can get a bit ‘dated;’ a refresh can help to keep readers engaged, and it gave us the chance to review a number of factors including content, frequency, and layout.

You may, for example, recall the survey we did earlier in the year to get your feedback on the publication.  You overwhelmingly told us the Newsbrief was useful – and suggested some new sections too!  We’ve already launched the “Member Spotlight” feature (this week on ABM DRIVES); look for industry and country specific feature articles in future editions.  And for what it’s worth, we did some comparisons for the EACC Newsbrief against industry averages (provided by Constant Contact, our newsletter platform). For the first six months of 2019, our “open rate” (that is, the number of emails that are opened divided by the number we sent) is 22.3 percent, slightly above the 20.9 percent on average for Civic/Social Membership organizations.  And our “Click Rate” – the number of people who clicked on a link in the e-mail divided by the number of people who opened the e-mail – is 15.6 percent, more than twice the 6.9 percent industry average.

Initially we had some discussions about going to a bi-weekly or even monthly format; however, given the pace of our programming and interest of our readers, we decided to stay on a weekly schedule.  

On the layout, we wanted something that would be visually striking, yet simple to navigate.  Katie Rauch of Solutions Unlimited helped us to visualize the color blocks and structure, taking into account dozens of factors, from considering the structure of the newsletters of our sister EACC chapters to working within the confines of Constant Contact.  And it had to be turned into a template that provided flexibility and that we can use for at least the next two to three years. 
Special thanks go to Susan Morgan and to Katie Rauch of Solutions Unlimited for their excellent work on this project. They were excellent partners throughout the process, listening carefully to our ideas and concerns and ensuring we understood and could work with the final product. And thanks also to Anna Sharp of AnaMedia, who provided some wonderful photographs for our new newsletter banner.

With the newsletter launched, we’ll next work with Susan and Solutions Unlimited to overhaul the EACC website.  We don’t anticipate major changes to the overall structure, but look for new photos and colors as well as extensive updates to the content.  Let us know if you have any ideas for us!

- Todd Schwartz, Executive Director

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