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EACC Board Meeting October 2023

The EACC Board of Directors held its third meeting of 2023 on Wednesday, October 25th at the offices of Frost-Brown-Todd.    
A majority of the board members were able to attend in person with only a small handful connecting remotely. Some were meeting the EACC’s new Executive Director, Nicole Fenyo, for the first time. 
A new Board Packet, containing a set of new metrics and new marketing materials, was shared with the board members ahead of time. These included: 
Discussion during the meeting focused primarily on the health of the EACC’s financials, the upcoming Beaujolais & More event on November 16th, and membership engagement vs expansion. 
The EACC remains financially healthy and may meet its financial goals of 2023. Like many nonprofits, the EACC’s budget is tight and dependent on memberships and managed expenses. 
The EACC is holding an updated version of its traditional Beaujolais event, renamed Beaujolais & More on November 16th. Staying with the tradition of holding the event on the day of the launch of France’s Beaujolais Nouveau wine, which heralds the harvest season, the EACC has decided to expand the celebration to include harvests – and wines – from all around Europe. It will be a celebration of the year past, of the EACC’s members and sponsors, and of the opportunities that lie ahead. Tickets can be purchased here. 
Lastly, the EACC has built a strong community and culture among its members, one that it values and wants to endure. The adages and best practices that apply to businesses are true for the EACC too: not every customer is a good customer, consider a customers lifetime value, and it may be more efficient to retain and upgrade your customers than acquire new ones. Our goal is to serve our members in such a way that they are grateful and want more. We want to increase engagement (and therewith member ROI) while we carefully expand the community with new members. 
There are many opportunities and initiatives being explored and pursued by the EACC, and we are grateful to have such an engaged board of directors. 
EACC members may request to review the full minutes of the meeting once they have been approved by the EACC Board. 

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