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EACC Board Holds Second Quarter 2018 Meeting

Your EACC Board of Directors met on April 26 in the Learning Center of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.  Board members in attendance were Carol Barton (KPMG); Drew Collins (Bannockburn Global Forex); Karen Finan (Northern Kentucky Regional Alliance); Dominic Franchini (HORAN); Julie George (Gilman Partners); Jody Gunderson (City of Hamilton); Neil Hensley (City of Blue Ash); Melissa Johnson (Foreign Trade Zones of Greater Cincinnati); Chris Knueven (Miller-Valentine Group); Board President Doug Moormann (Development Strategies Group); Ryan Reckman (U.S. Bank); Todd Schild (Thompson Hine); Board Vice President Yannick Schilly (Festo); Chuck Stevens (MCM CPAs); Rick Warman (Plante Moran); and Wade Williams (Northern Kentucky Tri-ED).
After approving the minutes from the January 26 Board meeting, Board President Moormann reminded Board members of the deadline to register for the Annual Gala Dinner on May 16.  He also reported that the Executive Committee had approved a partial payout of the 2017 bonus opportunity for Executive Director Schwartz, and was formulating the 2018 bonus opportunity.  He then introduced our guest speakers, Pete Metz who leads the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Transportation Initiative, and Dwight Ferrell, the CEO and General Manager of Metro, as well as welcomed Todd Schild (Thompson Hine), Chuck Stevens (MCM CPAs) and Rick Warman (Plante Moran), all attending their first board meeting.
Metz explained that the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber (CURC) launched its transportation initiative in response to complaints from local businesses that a lack of robust transportation options was impeding their ability to hire and retain employees.  In response, working with a CEO Advisory Group, the CURC developed “The Connected Region” (www.theconnected as a ‘song book’ that would not just guide the conversation, but shape the decision making process.  He made clear this is not just about getting people to and from jobs, but also to and from the other things that make the region livable and attractive (schools, healthcare, museums, etc.)  Ferrell pointed out that the current metro funding scheme (based on the earnings tax) was established in 1973 and has become completely inadequate to current needs.  New legislation has allowed Metro to propose a new funding mechanism that would address current shortfalls in service scope and frequency, as well as introduce innovations like Bus Rapid Transit (which generated up to $1,100 in new investment for every $1 spent on BRT infrastructure along a route in Cleveland).
Following the presentation and a few questions, the board reviewed a number of topics:
  • EACC Staff has begun working with Start Something Bold to develop a workplan for its market research project
  • Reviewed 1Q18 financial reports
  • Reviewed dropped and new memberships through 1Q18
  • There are 25 sponsored tables for the Annual Gala this year, including a presenting sponsor and a ‘dessert’ sponsor (new this year)
  • Discussed plans for the “All-Chapter” conference that EACC Cincinnati is hosting, and offered ideas on how to better add value for members across the network
    • Also introduced the idea of how existing chapters can or should fund the development of new chapters
  • Explored the reasons for the lack of interest in the EACC’s Global Internship Program
  • Learned that Board members are invited to use EACC’s FC Cincinnati Season Tickets for member recruitment/retention efforts
A complete copy of the full minutes from this board meeting will be available to any EACC member upon request once they have been approved by the Board at the next Board meeting, scheduled for July 26. 

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