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EACC Behind the Scenes: Membership Levels Update

Close readers of the Newsbrief saw that the Board of Directors approved new membership levels and benefits at its April meeting. And some may recall our ‘voice of the customer’ study (in November 2018) which recommended, among other things, a review and update of our membership structures to ensure members clearly understand and can articulate the value of EACC membership. But few track these matters as closely as I do, so a quick review of where we are, how we got here, and what’s next might be of use. 

Where we are 

Our new membership levels (Consul, Minister, Ambassador, and Bridge Builder) are in effect and all new members will join under this scheme. Current members will continue to enjoy the same benefits provided under the previous membership structure through the end of 2021. We are meeting with existing members – starting with those at the highest membership levels – to explain the new plans and get feedback. Members have the option to immediately convert and upgrade their membership to the new plan, or wait until the membership renewal cycle at the end of the year to make their choice. However, by year’s end, all members will need to select one of the new membership packages for 2022 and beyond. 

How We Got Here 

The learnings of the voice of the customer study were not entirely new -- service providers and operating companies value different things; our value proposition was unclear; members want more ways to be involved; and so forth. The study catalyzed our action and provided a framework to the review. You’ll see the new plans offer specific benefits designed for operating companies and service providers; programs that highlight our transatlantic operations; and clearly defined and differentiated membership levels and benefits. (And many, many thanks to those EACC members who worked with us through this process.) 

What’s Next? 

It’s one thing to develop and launch an initiative, but while we focus on rolling out the new plan, we’re also focused on following through on the promises made to our new and upgrading members. We’ll soon formally introduce our first two “Bridge Builders” and other new and upgrading members under the program; and you’ll also see new initiatives and programs that will add value for all members. You’ll also have new opportunities to get involved – for example, join the planning committee for our 2022 trip to Italy! And we’ve already launched a number of ‘invitation only’ roundtables for top operating company executives. 

These moves do not represent a new direction for the EACC, but instead a refocusing on what we are best at: creating opportunities for members to connect in meaningful ways that support their business. We’ve already learned so much from discussions with members and this project has evolved with their input. If you don’t want to wait for the details, send me a note ( and we will get you on the calendar! 

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