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EACC Behind the Scenes - May 2020

The Power of the EACC Network
The primary power of the EACC is our ability to connect our members – to each other and to resources and information that help to grow their business. Doing that within our chapters is relatively simple, but how to do that across the Atlantic and the network?
In November 2019 we hosted our first “All-Chapter” webinar looking at the EU’s Autumn Economic Forecast; 39 people registered for that first event. Since then, nearly 2000 business leaders have signed up for events such as

  • a discussion of how the Tory sweep of the UK Parliament would influence Brexit (featuring speakers from London, Brussels and New York);
  • an event originally organized to help companies address restrictions on European travel into the U.S., that quickly morphed into a discussion about travel in both directions across the Atlantic; and
  • an exploration of how the COVID-19 pandemic is not just forcing companies to reconsider their supply chains but will dramatically reshape everything from trade policy to air- and seaport operations.
We even have our own YouTube Channel to preserve these events and to share them with others.
At the same time, we remain focused on our members, and so we have launched a “members only” series where every month or so you will have a chance to talk with leading economists, bankers, attorneys, government officials, media personalities about the most important topics impacting your business. Our first such event featured the Chief Global Economist from Citibank, the Chief European Economist from HSBC with MSNBC’s Business and Economics commentator Ali Velshi.  And on June 4 Pascal Lamy (Director General of the World Trade Organization 2005-2013) will join the Chief Trade Economist of HSBC Bank and CEO of Vulcan Consulting for a conversation with John Foley of Reuters on trade in a post-COVID-19 world (EACC Members can register here).
These webinars are also great examples of the EACC working together. As Executive Directors we work together with our members to identify topics and speakers, develop marketing materials and promote the events to our members.  And if you watch a few of the videos you’ll see that Cincinnati Executive Director Todd Schwartz is slowly improving his technical skills to run the webinars, edit the videos and post them to YouTube.
In addition to webinars, we are also collecting COVID-19 Impact Stories from top EACC executives like CVG’s Candace McGraw, friends and supporters like European Union Commissioner for Trade Phil Hogan.
If you have feedback on EACC Webinars or suggestions for future topics – or  if you want to contribute your COVID-19 Impact Story -- please contact Executive Director Todd Schwartz (

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