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EACC Behind the Scenes - July 2019

EACC Network Inaugural Webinar
On July 25, the European American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) held its inaugural Webinar (using the Zoom™ platform), inviting all members of our Boards of Directors to learn more about the recent and future growth of the EACC network.  Over 30 people participated in the event; most taking part via the video conference but a few also listening in via telephone.  Todd Schwartz, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Chapter acted as host and moderator for the event.

Guillaume Martinez, Board President of the Paris Chapter was the first presenter; he introduced Katherine Prewitt who was recently installed as the Executive Director in Paris.  He noted that this webinar platform is both a powerful tool but also a symbol of how the EACC network can work across chapters to add value for our members.  He also spoke a bit about some of the opportunities (and challenges) before us as we seek to grow the EACC network in specific cities across Europe and the United States.

Marcel Schulze, Executive Director of the Netherlands Chapter, spoke next, explaining how he got involved in the EACC and how he was able to recruit his founding and regular members as well as some of his future plans.  In particular he laid out why the Netherlands was such a vibrant hub for Transatlantic business relationships and identified a few programs that could add value for EACC members in supporting both inbound and outbound investors in the Netherlands.

Alan Sutin and Christina Sleszynska spoke from Miami where they are working to establish a new EACC chapter for South Florida.  Alan (of the law firm Greenberg Traurig) would become the first Board President and Christina would become the Executive Directors once the chapter is launched.  Alan pointed out that the South Florida area is a unique gateway for both U.S. and European firms doing business in Latin America; and Christina pointed to the strength and breadth of the economy in the region.  In response to Guillaume’s question, Alan and Christina said the most important contribution other chapters can make to the effort is making introductions to firms in our networks that might be interested in a new Miami chapter.

Yvonne Bendinger-Rothschild, Executive Director of the New York Chapter, described plans for expanding these cross-chapter Webinars and how that can help to grow our membership while also adding value for our members.  She also mentioned some potential new partnerships with domestic and transatlantic organizations that are under discussion (in areas from cybersecurity to trade policy) as well as other programs and activities that can add value and extend our reach and visibility.  Jim Rosener, Board President in New York added that growing our network in Europe and the U.S. will help differentiate the EACC network from the more traditional ‘bliateral’ chambers of commerce.

If you have thoughts on how we can utilize this Webinar platform to add value for EACC members, please let me know!

- Todd

EACC Newsbrief Refresh
As a result of the Voice of the Customer study, the EACC Greater Cincinnati has been placing emphasis on how we communicate and engage with members. We’re also working to ensure that we continually offer relevant and timely news and events to our network. With this in mind, we have been working with member company Solutions Unlimited to update the EACC Newsbrief, our weekly newsletter (you may remember we sent out a survey about the Newsbrief back in March).

Over the last few months we have worked with Susan Morgan, Owner & Founder of Solutions Unlimited, and her team to develop an updated Newsbrief template that makes it easy for members to quickly and effectively view upcoming EACC events, EACC news, Industry Insights, International News and Upcoming Partner Events. Of course, a key element of this communication strategy is ensuring our members have the ability to successfully view the Newsbrief on a mobile device. We’re delighted to share that the updated Newsbrief template will make it easy to stay in touch with the EACC while on the go.  We’re in the final stages of testing this new template, and we’re excited for the formal launch later this summer. 
Once the formal launch of the updated Newsbrief is complete, we look forward to working with Solutions Unlimited to refresh the EACC website as well. If you have suggestions regarding the website, please don’t hesitate to share! We want to hear from you! Please send suggestions to:
- Dayna

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