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EACC Behind the Scenes - July 2017

EACC Committees
You’ll see in this week’s Newsbrief a piece regarding volunteers for some of the EACC’s committees, and I thought it might be useful to outline my views about the role and work of committees in the EACC going forward.

Having spent a career in government, I know that committees can be a great excuse to not get anything done.  But I’ve also had great experiences where committees became great sources of not only new ideas, but of the energy to bring those ideas to life.  And given the small size of our full-time staff, fully functioning and engaged committees are essential to getting the work of the EACC done.

I will look to the EACC committees primarily for two things.  First, I see them as stores of information and ideas.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no expert on Economic Development or Business Development or Talent Development or on the concerns of the various business communities that make up the EACC.  That’s why I will rely on the committees of the EACC for the expertise to identify the most urgent concerns and promising opportunities we should be addressing for our members.  I’ll look to the committees for programming ideas that will engage our members and help us to attract new ones.  And I’ll look to the committees for feedback on past activities to ensure we’re using our limited resources in the most effective ways.

Second, I see the committees as “force multipliers.”  Engaged committee members are not just coming to meetings – they are connecting to other committee members and to interested parties beyond the committee to suss out what’s happening and what the EACC should do about it.  They are attending EACC events and inviting and encouraging others to attend EACC events.  And they are lending a hand in developing and implementing programming ideas.

A note on structure.  The Three “Core Committees” of the EACC – Economic Development, Business Development, and Talent Development – are primarily made up of EACC Board members, and chairs of all EACC committees are appointed by the Board of Directors.  However, there’s nothing to bar non-board members from being considered for membership on these committees.

The EACC is a volunteer organization, but the work we do is ever more important to the economy of our region.  As we begin to start thinking about the 2018 programming year, I encourage you to consider how you can support that vital work.  And if you’d like to be considered for membership on one of our existing committees (listed below), or think we should develop a new committee to address a topic or issue, please reach out to me at

Existing EACC Committees

  • Economic Development
  • Business Development
  • Talent Development
  • French American Business Alliance
  • Austrian-Swiss-German
  • Nominating Committee (EACC Board Members only)
  • Executive Committee (EACC Board Members only)

Company Briefing & Networking Series
Todd and I have started the process of planning EACC events and programs for 2018. In this vein, one of the EACC’s hallmark event platforms is the Company Briefing & Networking series.

For those who are not familiar with the series, it is held four times per year and each event is hosted by an EACC member company (often a manufacturer). The events feature a company presentation, a facility tour and a networking reception. Host companies share their successes and challenges in growing a transatlantic organization. This event series is open to EACC members only.
As we continue mapping out the event schedule for next year, we invite EACC members interested in hosting a Company Briefing &Networking event to contact me ( or Todd ( 
And don’t forget to join us for the remaining Company Briefing events this year: HAHN Automation on August 24 (register here), Miami University  on October 4  (regisreation not yet open; check with the EACC events calendar), Krauss-Maffei Corporation in fall/winter 2017 (registration not yet open; check with the EACC events calendar).
- Dayna

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