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EACC Behind the Scenes February 2021

I believe in the adage ‘underpromise and overdeliver’ and so have a tendency to be modest in describing some of the projects the EACC has in the works. However, coming out of what was a decidedly modest 2020, now is a good time to lay out for you some of the ambitious plans and programs we have in the works for 2021 and beyond.  

None of this will happen because of Dayna and me, nor because of the good wishes or best intentions of our Officers or our Board of Directors.  Our ability to demonstrate our value to members is contingent on your willingness to engage.  So here’s a preview of some opportunities you will have to do just that!
  • Roundtables: Some of the best work we do is creating safe spaces for peers and colleagues to share best practices and build new connections. So we will be launching over the next weeks and months a series of ‘invitation only’ roundtables (Sales & Marketing, HR, CFO, CEO and others) where professionals from our operating company members can connect. 
  • Supply Chains, Logistics and Trade Policy Conference: We have confirmed two top speakers (including a prominent European Ambassador) to join us for this mid-September conference which will include a networking reception and dinner.
  • Travel Packages: We intend to resume travel to Europe and cities across the U.S. to extol the Cincinnati region as a destination for business; to visit and learn from other EACC chapters, and to visit the home countries and operations of our European members, all while building better relationships with others on the trips.
  • Membership Structure: We’ve begun test marketing new membership benefit packages that incorporate sponsorship opportunities and clarify the value of membership both for operating companies and service providers – with the intent of formally introducing it with our 2022 Membership Renewal cycle beginning this fall.
We are also taking steps to offer more operational programming and to build out our contact lists so we can issue more targeted invitations to events.  And in the longer run, we also see our reach expanding beyond Cincinnati and into other parts of the Tri-State Region (including Dayton, Lexington, Louisville and beyond).

We had a choice to make in 2021 – resign ourselves to the continuing challenges of the pandemic, or to boldly step out and press for growth and excellence.  As you can see, we have chosen the latter. With your engagement and support, we expect great things!

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