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EACC Behind the Scenes: Board of Directors Holds First Quarter 2021 Meeting

The Board of Directors of the Cincinnati Chapter of the European American Chamber of Commerce met for its first meeting of 2021 on Thursday, January 28.  Incoming Board President Dominic Franchini welcomed new board members Nelly Bonniol (Luxottica; Nelly is also our new Board Vice President); Katie Eagan (Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber); Antonio Pagano (Modula); and Chad Shaffer (Duke Energy.  Noting that 2020 had been a challenging year for everyone, including the EACC, he said he looked forward to “pushing some dirt around” over the next few months, realigning our foundations in order to build a stronger and more impactful organization. 

Board Secretary Jim Keller (Deceuninck) ensured the meeting minutes from the October Board meeting and the Annual General Meeting in November were approved; then (in the absence of Board Treasurer Chris Flaig (MCM CPAs & Advisors), Executive Secretary Todd Schwartz quickly walked the board through our preliminary full-year 2020 financial results.  Schwartz also laid out our 2021 budget (which the Board approved). 

Per Article V. A. of the EACC Code of Regulations, the Board approved the addition of two new members to the Executive Committee (Cierra Clymer of REDI Cincinnati and Antonio Pagano of Modula).   

Board President Franchini briefly outlined his tripartite vision for his tenure: ensuring the effectiveness of the Board of Directors; expanding our engagement with top executives and operating companies; and revising our membership structures to offer a clearer value proposition.   

Board Vice President Bonniol and Executive Director Schwartz presented a draft program calendar for 2021 which seeks to both deepen our engagement with and enhance our value proposition for member companies by, inter alia, launching functional “roundtable” groups to provide venues to share best practice in areas like HR and Supply Chain/Logistics.  Schwartz also noted that plans are also being developed for a larger conference in the Fall on Supply Chains, Logistics, and Transatlantic Trade that could involve a European Ambassador (stay tuned!). 

Executive Director Schwartz reviewed a few operational issues, including: 

  • The EACC could gain a new chapter within the next few months 
  • A final draft of the long-delayed European Investment Map should be ready for review soon 
  • Membership currently stands at 112 (we lost 23 members over the course of 2020 but gained 12) 
The complete minutes of this meeting will be available for review by EACC members once they are approved by the Board at its next meeting at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday April 22.  

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