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EACC 2023 - A close from our Chair

2023 has been my first year serving the EACC as Board Chair and I want to recognize my partners in crime, who are also serving the EACC during their free time: Antonio Pagano as Vice Chair, Mike Dektas as Treasurer and Cierra Clymer as Secretary.

I would also like to recognize our New Executive Director, Nicole Fenyo, who joined our team last June. We are thrilled to have her among us as she brings tons of experience, expertise, and energy to our organization. And Claudia Schroeder, Director of Operations & Strategic Collaborations, who helped us above and beyond during the past year as we were going through the team’s transition.

The holidays are a time to pause and be thankful and grateful - and we are grateful for this team who is committed to the success of the EACC, to create value for each of our EACC members within our platforms, network events and programs.  

2024 will be a year with a similar focus as we want to continue to make a difference in the same key areas as 2023: our primary focus will be on Talent acquisition and retention, and on sustainability, while providing other programs, events and opportunities for connection such as executive round tables, Transform and our business development trip to Europe.

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