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Collaborating to Better Manage Healthcare Costs

One of the most important and powerful things the EACC does is building connections that allow leaders to identify and solve shared problems.   

Last year, we organized a dinner with executives of our Italian member companies with no specific agenda – just to build new connections. During the event, several executives noted that they were seeking better ways to manage healthcare costs for employees.  After dinner and over the next few weeks those discussions continued, and so the “Waymark Collective” was born.  I’m not an insurance professional, so I won’t try and explain the Waymark Collective; suffice to say that this exciting initiative allows employers to come together, spread risk, and better manage costs and outcomes for their employees.  

The EACC hosted a webinar on August 12 with HORAN to share details of the Waymark Collective with a select group of EACC members; the recording of that event is now available.  If healthcare costs are a concern for your bottom line, a few moments to watch the video could be a great investment! 

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