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2024 - Thought Leadership - HUB HORAN

Based on a true story. 
The following discussion occurred at an EACC CXO dinner right here in Cincinnati.  One of the attending European business leaders began to talk about his health insurance renewal experience... The names of the guests have been disguised to pique your interest!
Picture, if you will, a large, rustic dining table surrounded by lively European business leaders enjoying a lavish dinner. The mood is animated, with a mix of frustration and hope. The host listens intently...
Signore UNO
(On his feet, glass of wine in hand)
I cannot believe my experience negotiating healthcare in the States! It’s every company for themselves!
Signore DUE
Exactly! In Europe, healthcare is paid by all, not the burden of an individual company. Why can't they see that here?
(The group nods in agreement, murmuring their frustration.)
(Raising a hand for silence, smiling warmly)
Miei Amici, I understand. The American system has its faults, much like any other. But what if we could blend the best of both worlds for you, my friends?
(The table quiets down, curiosity is piqued, all eyes are on the HOST)
Signore TRE
What do you mean? Like, bring European healthcare to America?
(Leaning in, ready to explore)
In a manner of speaking, yes. Imagine a medical insurance pool — a system where businesses come together, pooling resources to manage and mitigate healthcare risks together… much like how we spread risks across everyone in Europe.
Guests lean in, intrigued.
Signore UNO
But how does that help with the costs? America's prices are sky-high!
That’s where it gets interesting. This pool can negotiate better rates, manage claims more effectively — and leverage its collective size to make healthcare more affordable for all.
Guests nod,  seeing the potential.
Signore DUE
what about accessibility to preventive care? This is a  pillar of our system.
Precisely! The pool would emphasize preventive care, reducing long-term costs and improving health outcomes, much like our systems here. By ensuring broader access, we create a healthier, more productive society.  Additionally, we would help employees buy prescriptions at the lowest costs possible.
The room buzzes with excited chatter.
Signore TRE
This sounds revolutionary! But how do you convince Americans to adopt such a model?
(Smiling, filled with conviction)
By demonstrating its effectiveness. We start small, show tangible benefits, and let the results speak for themselves. It’s about improving lives, after all.
Let's, all of us here, create it, name it, and bring together other companies with the shared vision of improving access to high quality healthcare for those in need!
The guests raise their glasses, energized by the idea.
Signore UNO
To a future where affordable access to great healthcare is real! matter where you live!
Innovative healthcare solutions exist, including the one that was ideated and subsequently created from this particular dinner event. Like most things in business and in life, we learn from other people’s experiences, but must often rely on true experts to help us implement to meet our needs.
Want to jump onboard? Speak with the author: Dominic Franchini, HUB Horan,,  Office: 513.587.2749, Cell: 513.907.9328


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