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2024 - Expansion Barometer Survey

2024 Expansion Barometer: Hurdles and Opportunities for European and US Mid-size Businesses   

How can mid-size businesses better capture European and US market opportunities? 
Entering the year 2024, new opportunities and potential hurdles have appeared for businesses with foreign trade and investment projects. Notable regulations such as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in the US and the EU’s 2020 Green Deal have opened new markets  
However, it is uncertain whether all businesses are benefiting equally from new market opportunities in Europe or the US. While reports such as UNCTAD’s 2023 World Investment Report suggest stable annual FDI growth, this development is represented by large multinational corporations. Furthermore, there is acknowledgement that FDI value distortion created by these established multinationals has overshadowed the true value of overseas investment for mid-size businesses. The current situation for mid-size business foreign investment and potential market expansion opportunities remain unclear. 

Time to Highlight Key Opportunities for US and European Mid-Size Businesses 
The European American Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with OCO Global, is launching a study that focuses on European and US expansion opportunities for mid-size businesses. It will provide a better understanding of how these players perceive new opportunities in these markets, identify potential hurdles or risks of investing on each side of the Atlantic, analyze potential gaps between sectors and origin countries and provide recommendations  
The study will consist in an online 5 min survey of mid-size businesses and cover the following key topics:  
  • - What are mid-size businesses expansion plans in the European/US market? 
  • - What are the immediate new opportunities in the European/US market for mid-size businesses in 2024? 
  • - What are the best practices from peer companies about strategies and implementation plans for successful expansion in the European/US market? 
  • - Are there different views and performance between mid-size sectors?  
  • - What are the perceived risks and challenges for European/US market expansion plans?  
  • - What are business leaders' expectations and needs to overcome those risks?  
What’s in it for you:  
  • - A better understanding of opportunities in Europe/the US 
  • - Learn best practices from others who have succeeded with their expansion 
  • - Anticipate the hurdles you may find on your way to the European/US market 
  • - Get visibility if you wish to provide a testimonial in the report  
  • - VIP invites to the launch event  
  • - Individual presentation of the report to your company or organization  


Please support the EACC Network by completing one of the following surveys (depending on your business situation)

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