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2023 Beaujolais and More

2023’s Beaujolais & More 

The EACC’s annual Beaujolais Nouveau soiree, held on the second Thursday of November, date of the launch of the annual Beaujolais Nouveau wine in France, has a long history in Cincinnati – starting with the EACC predecessor organization, the FACC – French American Chamber of Commerce. 

This year, we decided to make it more: more European, more engaging, more fun… 

While the focus of the event was on enjoying one another’s company, as old friends and new ones, with a selection of foods from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Belgium and the eponymous Beaujolais Nouveau wines, there were a few orders of business: 

Nelly Bonniol, EACC Greater Cincinnati Board President, reviewed the organization’s highlights of 2023, before handing it over to Michele Blair, Economic Development Director for the City of Mason, who chose the event to celebrate the city’s big win in keeping the ATP tennis event in Mason (versus seeing it move to Charlotte (NC), and to thank all those who supported the effort – many of whom were present in the room. 

Finally, EACC executive director, Nicole Fenyo, announced the first ever “Employee of the Year” award going to Claudia Schroeder, which was received with cheers from the crowd. 

It was truly an evening to remember! Until next year… Cheers! 




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