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LION Group Inc.



About Us

LION makes the gear emergency service providers, civilian responders and militaries need to stay safe in the line of duty. The company got its start at the end of the 19th century as a dry goods store in Dayton, Ohio. By 1941, it had received a commendation from Army Air Force Commanding General “Hap” Arnold, saluting the company for “outstanding services rendered to your government” after supplying the Army Air Force with electrically heated flying suits during World War II. Over the next two decades, LION opened regional warehouses and had started operating in the firefighter station uniform market.

In 1970, LION moved into the firefighter turnout business – and has never looked back. The company actually coined the term “StationWear” and were the first to develop digital training technology for the firefighting market. Today, LION continues to deliver innovative, patented technology to the fire service market. It has a dedicated research and development staff that works with fire departments to generate (and evaluate) new product ideas. Real end users collaborate with LION on wear trials and focus groups so the company can deliver solutions that work for actual first responders.

LION is based in Dayton, Ohio with offices in New York, the Netherlands and Toronto

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