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Eurostampa North America



About Us

Eurostampa, based in Italy, produces labels for the wine, spirits, champagne, food and chocolate industries, as well as for tube wraps and cardboard boxes. The company has five locations worldwide and produces 50 million labels daily.

Eurostampa is dedicated to the research and development of new solutions for the labelling and graphic design sectors and is involved in communication activities, supporting the sales area by introducing the latest developments available. Recycled papers, special inks, hi-tech and anti-counterfeiting solutions are just some of the topics in which Eurostampa is involved.

Eurostampa’s goal of having its own manufacturing plant in the U.S. resulted in the 2007 acquisition of the Pepper Printing Company of Cincinnati, which had its name changed to Eurostampa North America. In 2011, a new, modern and functional production plant was inaugurated and equipped with highly competitive machines to print high-quality labels. Now, Eurostampa North America produces 2 billion labels annually.

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