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BWF America, Inc



About Us

BWF America, Inc is a pioneer in industrial filtration.

Headquartered in Offingen, Germany, our primary business is manufacturing filtration bags for industrial baghouses (i.e. Asphalt, Cement, Kaolin, Chemical and many other types of plants). These bags are produced by our Envirotec division. However, we also provide material and services for many other needs and applications:

BWF Protec – The Leading Manufacturer of technical needle felts and round needled special products, for use in industries like Aerospace, Battery, EV…etc.

BWF Service division – provides many services to improve and maintain your Baghouse….
- Bag and cage changeouts
- Service/Maintenance
- Analysis (including Pulse Flow Analysis)
- Inspections and trainings

Other Services
- Lab analysis of bags, this has many benefits…
- Exact bag specifications to build bags
- Ideal bag for temperatures, materials and airflow
- Remaining life on bags before replacement is needed
- Determining what is causing damage to bags that are not
working properly

- Filter Bag cages
- Venturi’s
- Leak Test Powders
- And anything related to your filtration and baghouse needs


Release Date: January 10, 2023

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