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About Us

BISON S.A., founded in 1948, is the largest manufacturer in Poland of clamping technologies for the machine tool and manufacturing industries. The range of clamping products include but is not limited to manual lathe chucks, hydraulic power chucks, vises, toolholders and live centers. Our products, marked with the BISON brand, are world-renowned for the highest standard of design, production, durability, quality and precision. Behind the high quality of our products lie an extremely long service life, repeatable accuracy, wide functionality, and the trust of our customers. The design of our clamping systems ensures extremely high stability in securing the workpiece during the production process and allows manufacturers to achieve greater precision in machining. This translates into accurate end products and reduced production costs. BISON products can be found in applications around the world at manufacturers in aerospace, energy, automotive, medical, defense, heavy equipment, and subcontract industries.

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Release Date: February 06, 2023

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